Project management and consultation

Let us handle the process from start to end.

We manage anything from small to large projects that need consultation and project management from experts in textile. We manage the contact to makers, factories, vendors, agents and more. Just like we take care of import/export, tariffs, tolls and shipping. We even do all the logistics if needs be, to make sure everything goes smoothly. We make sure everything goes from A to B according to deadlines. 

Let us handle the logistics within your project.

The logistics within your project

We have broadened our knowledge in controlling the processes in taxes, tariffs, import/export and logistics. This means we are highly capable or taking care of any logistics within your project. We make sure any packing list, label, proforma- or invoice is set accordingly. We can handle even the most demanding legislative properties. We make sure everything is considered, and thus making sure that the project goes according to plan. We have a wide range of logistic companies that we work closely together with, for your convenience. 

Does your company already carry a specific deal with a shipping company? For us no problem, we can take care of anything in that regard as well.

We take care of all variables within your project. From the initial idea to the finalized product. We carry deep knowledge of the markets and know how the systems work. Anything from taxes and tariffs down to even the thread or zipper we use in production is thought of. What is more, we can modify anything, so it fits your wishes. We will also let you know of our suggestions, should we find anything fitting perfectly to your wishes.

That way we make sure that incidents will never become unforeseen incidents.

Let us handle the logistics within your project.

All round service

Working together with us you will realize how greatly we appreciate service. Our paramount point of work is ensuring your convenience. We put high value into ensuring a calm and precise effort. You will realize just how much work we put into service, in terms of ensuring every aspect, and following up and every aspect as well.

Let us handle the logistics within your project.

Contact us for a noncommittal offer

You are always welcome to contact us directly. We are more than happy to look upon the best suited solutions for your project. We are more than happy to offer advice and service before any binding offers.

We are always available on (+45) 23 81 17 46 or (+45) 27 80 45 85.

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