Our team

Meet the team behind the company.

The team that ensures an easier worklife for companies around the world. We easen the workload so you can focus on the tasks that really matter to you.

Søren Olsen, CEO

Søren Olsen, CEO

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Søren has created a unique insight in the worlds of textiles.

Søren’s deep insight in the world of textiles is why you as a customer can rest assured, knowing that your project is in the best possible hands. His attention to detail is beyond a doubt something we all wish we would have.

Christian Olsen, Import/Export Manager

Christian Olsen, Sales Manager

If you need someone who can provide deep insight and a perfect overview, and someone who is not reluctant to think innovative, Christian is the one to go for.

He has helped Søren Olsen Textil take the next step into the future. Christian carries a creative mindset and is able to provide genuine solutions to your project.

Inger Olsen, Accounting

Inger Olsen, Accounting

Nothing is taken for granted or left unseen by Inger. Her attention to detail in accounting is just as big as her overview and perfectionism in numbers.

You can rest assured knowing that any invoice from us, is doublechecked and doublechecked once more. 

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