Franc Textil

When it comes to any sew- or cuttingjob, Franc Textil are the ones to go for.

Their paramount point of work is serious attention to detail and delivering concise service accordingly. Which is why we are proud to work together with Franc Textil on a daily basis.

The cooperation between us and Franc Textil has resulted in a variety of projects. Franc Textil has helped us greatly in producing cushions, covers, sewing, cutting and anything of that nature. Anything is possible at Franc Textil, no customization is too great a job for them.


Dekoria is owned by Franc Textil.

They are a manufacturer of quality cushions, pillows, seat pads and beadspreads etc. dekoria is renowned for their innovation and attention to detail. We are proud to be able to supply Dekoria and you as customer with a serious and lasting collaboration.

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