Elvstrøm Sails

Elvstrøm Sails is one of the worlds best renowned sail makers in the world.

Paul Elvstrøm the most winning and best renowned sailor of Danish history was the founder behind the company. For Paul all of his genuine desires of quality, conformity, and serious attention to detail were paramount in creating Elvstrøm Sails. All of those values are rooted deeply into Elvstrøm Sails today.

Elvstrøm Sails has always had a genuine place in Søren’s heart, being a sailor and former CEO of the company himself. It goes without saying that Søren Olsen Textil and Elvstrøm Sails value their collaboration greatly, alongside all the history that goes with it.

We at Søren Olsen Textil provide sailbags, raw material, running meters of fabric etc. for Elvstrøm Sails.

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